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Our Vanity Kits are perfect for kitchen and bathroom sinks alike. Keep your hands germ free, soft and supple with a kit containing one 8 oz. bottle of Hand Soap and 4 oz. bottle of Hand & Body Lotion.

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Sink Staples, Streamlined

A Duo Made to Cleanse, Nourish and Hydrate

Our hands are exposed to millions of germs and a wide range of elements on any given day.

Pamper your hands with one of our Vanity Kits and to keep your skin free from grime and feeling oh, so silky smooth.

Ready to really commit? Subscribe for auto-replenishment and we'll deliver a fresh Vanity Kit as often as you'd like.

You Only Get One Skin

We'll Help You Treat It Right

When it comes to what we put on our skin, ingredients matter. And typically, the fewer the better.

It's no coincidence that our ingredient lists are anywhere between 25% and 450% shorter than other competitive luxury brands on the market.

You can rest easy in knowing that our products are naturally derived and cruelty free.

And trust us when we say: if we wouldn't put a product on our body, we wouldn't ask you to put it on yours.