Discovery Kit

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Want to sample Curie products before making your purchase? We've got you. Order our Discovery Kit and experience the entire Curie product line from the comfort of home.

Every Discovery Kit features the following:

  • Five 1 ml sample vials of our signature fragrances:
    • Bella Flor, Quilcene, Socaire, Chisos, and Gaucho
  • One 1 oz Shampoo
  • One 1 oz Conditioner
  • One 1 oz Body Wash
  • One 1 oz Hand & Body Lotion

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Fragrance Profile

(Prominent notes of Quilcene)

We chose to include Quilcene as the core cosmetics fragrance in the Discovery Kit for its fresh, invigorating scent. Expect floral notes with calming, complementary undertones of spruce and oak moss.

Fresh Florals



Oak Moss

A Better, More Personal Experience

Discover Premium Products Right At Home

Let's be honest. Making the trek to the local boutique or department store in search of personal care products is one that's more likely to elicit a sigh than a smile.

After all, personal care products are just that: personal. And yet the in-store experience leaves much to be desired.

So, skip the trip and embrace a better way to try and buy your personal care staples. Our Discovery Kit allows you to sample product over the course of days and weeks to get a feel for how each product interacts with your body before you make your purchase.

Once You're Ready, Just Pick Your Favorites

And Have Them Delivered To Your Door

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience you've ever had when it comes to trying and buying personal care products.

To get a proper sense for how the products interact with your body, we recommend using each product two to three times.

After you've found your favorites, head back to the site to place your order. Ready to really commit? Make life easier by signing up for our auto-replenishment service so that you're never short on product.

If you have any questions at all, we're a quick phone call, email or smoke signal away.