What Does Your Perfume Say About Your Personality?

If you’re anything like us, you’re pretty selective about the kinds of fragrances you choose to wear. But have you ever thought about what those specific scents you gravitate towards might say about your personality?

Recent studies have linked olfactive preferences to individual psychological tendencies. Here’s a lighthearted look at how that might apply to your personal preferences:

  1. Green Scents: People drawn to green scents tend to be more “Type A” in personality. Orderly, regimented, and routinely rising to the occasion as the leader of a group. Curie fragrance fit: Quilcene.

  2. Floral Scents: You’re a lover of all things simple and classic. That’s reflected by your own timeless sense of style. Curie fragrance fit: Bella Flor.

  3. Musky Scents: Confident, striking, and effortlessly cool. You’re inspired by age-old style icons, but just as likely to start your own fashion trends as to follow others. Curie fragrance fit: Socaire.

  4. Woodsy Scents: You’re spontaneous and live life to its fullest, drawn to travel and exploration. You’re a trailblazer and a trendsetter (and probably have the coolest Instagram feed among your friends). Curie fragrance fit: Chisos

  5. Spicy Scents: Your idea of a good night is sipping craft cocktails (let's be honest, probably whiskey) and, when the mood is right, puffing a fine cigar. You're refined, tactful, and well refined. Curie fragrance fit: Gaucho

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