7 Moisturizing Tips for More Youthful Skin

Are you doing all that you can to keep your skin looking young and elastic? Let’s take a closer look with these quick tips for a healthier complexion.

Curie hand and body lotion

  • 1. Know when to apply

  • As you likely know, showering strips moisture from the skin and washes away protective oils. That’s simply part of the cleansing process, but it’s important to moisturize afterward.

    In order to keep your skin looking young and healthy, we suggest locking in moisture by applying a cream or lotion within three minutes of exiting the bathtub or shower.

  • 2. Opt for a lotion with restorative ingredients

  • Moisturizers are extremely helpful in keeping skin both soft and strong. Here’s a quick rundown of powerful active ingredients to keep your eye out for:

    Humectants: These ingredients extract water from deeper skin layers and might include include glycerin, sorbitol, and urea. Good for people with oily skin.

    Occlusives: Petroleum jelly, lanolin, and beeswax are good examples. They help to stave off water evaporation.

    Barrier-repair compounds: These are ingredients such as ceramide and linoleic acid. They are typically combined with restorative active ingredients to repair the skin’s barrier and prevent damage.

  • 3. Understand that price does not equal quality

  • The simple fact of the matter is that high prices don’t always equal high quality. Ultimately, your skin will react differently to the ingredients used. Ingredient lists are a much better barometer for quality than price!

  • 4. Incorporate an eye cream

  • The skin below your eyes is thin and delicate. That means you should spay special attention to make sure it stays strong and supple. We’re big fans of treatments that reduce puffiness while they moisturize.

    If you don’t already have a favorite, we recommend searching for products that contain peptide amino acids, which help stimulate collagen production. Have bulging vessels? Try applying a caffeine infused eye cream to reduce puffiness.

  • 5. Cycle your moisturizer seasonally

  • It should come as no surprise that your skin tends to get drier in winter than it does in summer. But what you may not know is that it can be helpful to swap your day to day moisturizer with the changing weather.

    Go for a heavier moisturizer in the winter and a lighter one during the summer months.

  • 6. Moisturize before sleeping

  • For softer hands and feet, hold off on applying a lotion or moisturizing cream until you’re ready to call it a night. After applying, throw on a pair of light socks and gloves to retain the moisturizer and make sure it stays with you instead of rubbing off on your sheets.

    We can’t lie, this is like a spa treatment. Just be careful not to get your sheets oily.

  • 7. Go natural

  • For more youthful looking skin, spread a few drops of olive or avocado oil on the driest areas of your face, knees, and elbows every evening. These oils contain good fats that refresh and re-hydrate skin.

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